Dubrovnik bitter orange jam (220g)

6.00 Including VAT (25%)

bitter orange, sugar, water, lemon



Hit product of the social enterprise Deša Pro ltd. is a Dubrovnik bitter orange jam. This brand was initiated by the association DEŠA – Dubrovnik through the project “Dubrovnik Orange Jam” back in 2009, whose main goal was to bring together small family farms that have always grown bitter oranges, and with the help of experts in technology development, standardize production jam as an indigenous product.

Today, this jam is recognized as a local gastronomic souvenir by domestic and foreign tourists, hotels, agencies and our dear fellow citizens. He was awarded 5 times a gold and 2 times a silver medal at the “Festival of jam and marmalades” in Dubrovnik and a gold medal at the event “Marmalade 2013” in Trebnje, Slovenia.


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